Guest Announcement: Erica J. Heflin

Published on: Oct 05 2014 by Winter Garden WonderFest


Erica’s comics career began with a two-page story with George Amaru in a GrayHaven Comics’ anthology. She was invited to be the editor of their All Women’s volume, and from there quickly rose through the ranks to her current position as Editor-In-Chief. Through GrayHaven she also became acquainted with the works of Amanda Rachels. Through kickstarter rewards they had the opportunity to work together, and eventually Erica was invited to be a part of the Inverse Press writing team. Presently she and Amanda are finalizing their four issue mini-series “Flesh of White.” In 2014 she was invited to pitch to Zenescope Entertainment and subsequently took over their “Wonderland” series. She’s recently wrapped up scripting on a four-issue mini-series, “Dark Shaman”, as well.