Published on: Jun 11 2014 by Winter Garden WonderFest
  • Doctor Geek’s Laboratory Presents: The Science of the Future

From flying cars to bionics Dr. Scott Viguié, Creator of the science from fiction audio series, will explore the future that was, the future that is, and the future that has not yet come to pass.

  • Portfolio Review w/ Jo Witherington

Jo Witherington from Humanoids Publishing will be on hand conducting portfolio reviews. Jo will be offering advice on marketing comics, sequential art, etc.

Hips of Destruction is currently composed of dancers Verrina and Kristal. They combine over 20 years of dance study, have studied Egyptian bellydance, Bollywood, Tribal Fusion, Burlesque, True Romani (Gypsy) dance, Gothic Fusion, and many other styles. They have also each performed in several shows such as: Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Faire, MerPalooza and Theatre Gothique. They have an exciting Star Trek themed belly dance show planned for Winter Garden Wonder Fest.