Published on: Jun 13 2014 by Winter Garden WonderFest

photoJeff Balke

Jeff currently co-created his OWN ongoing comic book series called Urban Legends, which he is also the colorist on. He’s also starting up his own comic book publishing company which will launch in the Spring of 2015. By the end of 2015, he will have 2-3 ongoing comic book series out. Jeff also freelance colors for comic book companies such as Zenescope, Image, After Hours Press, Antarctic Press and many others. In just a short 5 years, he’s colored over 150 comics, and counting. He’s also an award winning colorist, winning the 2011 Shel Dorf Award for “Colorist of the Year” and has been nominated a few times for an Eagle Award for “Favorite Colorist”. Jeff created something called Sketch ColoringTM. This is where you bring him anything b/w, and he’ll color it up by hand with markers right there on the spot. This is how he as a colorist, creates a sketch to make it a “one of a kind, unique” item for you. No 2 Sketch ColoringTM will ever be alike. You can give  him anything from b/w sketch covers, b/w prints, clothing and pretty much anything markers will stick too. To check out more of Jeff’s work and his updated “GET BALKEDTM” 2014 tour, go to his website at:


me gray revisedSergio Cariello

Cariello has been illustrating comics since 1992. At DC he worked on Superman, Wonder woman,Batman, Green Arrow, Azrael and others. Also drew for Marvel on iconic characters such as Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, Hulk, Avengers and Conan. Taught several courses at the Joe Kubert School over 7 years. Penciled and inked Eisner nominated The Lone Ranger series, also Awarded Best Western Comic Book of the Year by True West Magazine’s Best of the West 2009 Source Book. Recently worked from Larry Hama’s script of GI Joe for IDW and collaborated with Lee Week’s Daredevil “Dark Nights” for Marvel. He’s also illustrated “Son of Samson Manga series for Zondervan Publishers and the Award winner, Best Selling juvenile book” Action Bible” for David C. Cook. Currently illustrating new stories for “The Christ” for Kingstone Media and Biblical Curriculum for Calvary and New Series for David C Cook Publisher , among other gigs here and there.


guest-creatureentertainmentCreature Entertainment

Creature Entertainment was founded by John Ulloa and Julio Alvarez; and together with their group of artists and filmmakers based in Miami, publish graphic novels, produce short and feature films.
Creature Entertainment is embracing new media, video, and good old print to create a unique niche in the market for our stories. We work on a modest budget as most independent publishers/filmmakers do and have a grassroots approach to putting our product into the hands of the comic book and movie aficionado.


guest-jcdelatorreJC De La Torre

JC De La Torre is writer and creator of the IDW mini-series, Star Mage, released in April 2014.
De La Torre has written two well reviewed novels, Ancient Rising and Rise of the Ancients – Annuna, as well as Nightmares from Eberus – A Speculative Fiction collection. He has also released to e-book the novellas for Continuum Force and the Serial Vampire series.


martindunnphotoMartin Dunn

Martin Dunn is the writer/creator of multiple creator-owned comic book series including, “Joshua Black”, “Project: Overwatch”, and the webcomics “#IFIGHTGHOSTS” and “Dimensions of Labour”. He has also worked on IDW Publishing’s “Star Mage, and “White Chapel”, as well as Hashtag Comics “Carpe Noctem”, “A Time to Die”, “Cloud Riders” and “Knight’s Landing”. Martin is the co-owner and founder of ‘CAE Studios’, an independent comic studio located in Tampa, Florida. The studio is home to several titles and Derrick Fish’s “Big Pond Comics” imprint. He is a single father of 4, and an avid gamer and is a well known collector of all things, Miracleman.


derrickfishphotoDerrick Fish

Derrick Fish is the creator/writer/artist of the popular webcomic series, “Dandy & Co.” as well as the 12 issue epic, “The Wellkeeper”. His other credits include work for Image Comics, IDW Publishing, and Red 5. He currently is wrapping up the last issue of “The Wellkeeper” as well as handling co-writing and art duties on Hashtag Comics “Carpe Noctem”, and art duties on IDW Publishing’s “White Chapel”.


Erica600Erica J Heflin
Erica’s comics career began with a two-page story with George Amaru in a GrayHaven Comics’ anthology. She was invited to be the editor of their All Women’s volume, and from there quickly rose through the ranks to her current position as Editor-In-Chief. Through GrayHaven she also became acquainted with the works of Amanda Rachels. Through kickstarter rewards they had the opportunity to work together, and eventually Erica was invited to be a part of the Inverse Press writing team. Presently she and Amanda are finalizing their four issue mini-series “Flesh of White.” In 2014 she was invited to pitch to Zenescope Entertainment and subsequently took over their “Wonderland” series. She’s recently wrapped up scripting on a four-issue mini-series, “Dark Shaman”, as well.


guest-austinjanowskyAustin Janowsky

I have had the pleasure of inking on books like Iron Man with Bob Layton for Marvel, Illustrated sketch cards for The Avengers, and illustrated a Donald Trump story for Cracked Magazine! I have also done my own projects like 7th Millennium, TAN and my new, exciting project: Stanley The Snowman.



jmjrJose Marzan Jr.

30 year veteran illustrator/inker for both Marvel and DC Comics. Worked on the entire run of Y the Last Man, has also worked on House of Mystery, The Flash and is currently working on DC Comics Wonder Woman: Futures End.





Rachel Pandich

Rachel Pandich is a freelance indie writer and comic editor. Pandich is currently the  editor for the webcomic, Skin Crawling Comics and is the writer for Austin Janowsky’s upcoming Divine Retribution mini series.



guest-shawnsurfaceShawn Surface

Drawing comics professionally for the past 15 years primarily for the small press/indie market and has only recently been concentrating on doing his own creator owned projects which includes writing and illustrating. He founded a company called Peacenik Press which is his publishing imprint of his own Surface Art Studios based out of Orlando, Florida. He has worked on such indie books such as; “Bubba the Redneck Werewolf”, “Billy the Monster Hunter” &  “Ultimate-7″.